Robin’s always had a bit of a crush on her voice teacher, Celia…but she has never considered acting on it. It’s easier, safer, to admire her idealized concept of Celia if she only sees her once a month on Tuesday evenings (right after her standing therapy appointment). Besides, Robin is restless, unhappy at work, feeling rootless in Houston. She might move back home to San Francisco any minute now. Really. All it would take is a little motivation.

Until a sudden rainstorm catches Robin and Celia off guard…and the voice lesson turns into an extended evening of tea, confidences, and ultimately an accidental makeout that neither of them is quite prepared for. And Robin realizes she might just have a reason to stay in Houston after all.



This short novella was originally published in the Winter Rain (Love in the Rain, Vol. 2) anthology, a charity project to benefit RAINN.org. Dream is free as a standalone story, but please consider buying the full anthology–it’s for a great cause!